• #Health: What You Are Looking For Is Not Out There

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  • #Health: What You Are Looking For Is Not Out There
  • Posted by: Lalanii, April 22, 2016
  • It is not out there it’s in me. 

    I know. I know. Yea, yea, that’s what they say.

    Maybe it’s my allergies. My eye has swollen up like an elephant-balloon. What’s that you ask? Well, when you go in for an infected stubborn eye stye and they drain your eyelid and the lidocaine doesn’t work and you think my God the fake eyelashes weren’t worth it…  and you grit and live in it, and two weeks later after antibiotic and steroid ointment application twice daily, your eyelid begins again. What is it doing? Throbbing. 

    That’s an elephant balloon. So for those of you who haven't seen me as of late that’s why. This isn’t last week’s issue, this is a whole new set of upsets. 

    This is something I’m allergic to. Yay! {Uhhh} Something new. You all know how I love new experiences especially when it comes to health issues. I arrive at the homeopathic doc. She greets me accordingly. Unlike the antibiotic-prescribing— $250+ charging -shot-sticking-hold-still until I’m finished, now I’ve got to go but you should be fine, but I’m not fine-doctor, this girl spent about 45 minutes with me talking about my symptoms. $75 later, a clear mindset, and a prescription of things to do like hot bath/cold bath, and various other home remedies and 6 affordable medicines... I feel better emotionally. She also prescribed no coffee… yes, all coffee gone for me, at least temporarily, but, I walk out with something I hadn’t had in the last 4 weeks of being ill. Hope. 

    I need the large organic pack of egg whites from Whole Foods, you know the one that’s organic for like $12.99+? That one. My mind jumps. 

    Peach tea is splendid but nothing beats coffee. My mind jumps back. 

    I can’t believe Prince is gone. Why isn’t this world promised? I have to make myself rest more. So all deadlines on pause right now. (I can hear my imaginary agent, my manager, and my clients all saying get it together… insert meanie emoji) but I’m taking off some days, for me. 

    It’s not out there, it’s in me. 

    What’s in me right now? An allergy. 

    But I think I’ve got some hope in there somewhere too. 

    BLOG UPDATE: Swelling going down. Yahoo. 


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