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  • Beauty: Inspirations ~ Quotes ~ Love ~ Health
  • Posted by: Lalanii, October 16, 2016
  • What inspires me you ask? Pretty things on the inside and outside. I have a little list we can have atryst with:

    1. Flowers.

    Are not overrated.

    WTF? Specifically, my favorite has always been peach roses.

    Flowers are lovely, peach roses are heaven.

    2. Stuffed animals.

    I'm sorry but there's something so beautiful and innocent about a teddy bear.

    Yea, so what if you're not a kid and you've grown up... so what.

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    3. Grapefruit, cucumber, or lemon in your water.

    I hate hate hate water (lol, not really, I just find myself not drinking it like I should)

    so lately I've been making my little mixtures using fruit.

    It tricks my taste buds!

    Grapefurit Juice Water Cleanse

    Live simply, love a lot.

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