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  • Breakfast Potatoes and A Waste of My Time
  • Posted by: Lalanii, March 23, 2011
  • Some things don't go right first try, or second, or third. But what about ever? Is there a point where you give up? I was taught that you never give up, especially on dreams. O another near miss. Today I received the nicest 'no,' for a position I was solicited for. How does that happen you ask? Somebody tells somebody that they know somebody and then... that somebody calls my phone thinking I'm somebody I never told them I was.

    She said she was looking for all of these things that're directly displayed in my undergraduate degree in Organizational Management, again... sweetest pie of a lady. First off she was late. Not ten minutes, but over thirty. The gal at the front had given me paperwork to fill out as usual with interviews, lalalala. I was psyched because the company is well-known, pretty much up my alley and after my experiences working in Visual Merchandising for Forever21 and Abercrombie and Fitch, I pretty much had it all.

    Except maybe whatever she was looking for.

    When she approached me I was still filling out the paperwork as I tend to be most detailed on the page. She invites me to continue working. Anywho... She waits a few tables down, I finish and approach the table. We wander off in Visuals, Fashion, and finally the detail: Management conversation. As soon as I heard the word management I began to skiddle off checking out her blouse the buttons, her hair, the table adjacent, the fabric, the texture, everything I'd learned told me that she was not in Fashion herself, nonetheless she looked polished.

    I wore my dainty pale suit, matching pale earrings, pastel socks, beige heels, one pink crystal ring, and my Banana Republic slacks. I carried my portfolio, tea cup, and my rainy day smile. Although I have marketing and management experience I neglected to (purposely) put that on my resume and paperwork because truth be told; I don't want another stressful management position... and as picky would have it - if I'm going to be stressed out about a job, it'll be

    A. my own company, or

    B. at least a position in managing something with an emphasis in Fashion or Writing.

    C'mon... it's my heart and soul. The reason I went into Fashion Writing, Fashion Merchandising, and stayed up wee hours in the super-morning dressing mannequins, cursing when the arm or leg fell off. I love to style a mannequin as much as I love to write stories. Conversation speeds to an end. Just as I felt the meeting to be going well she whips out the actual position she's looking to fill: ... Store Management.

    Heart drops.

    Not Merchandise Manager, Product Description Writer, Fashion Guru - but Manager. Basic.

    She refers me a few places. I veer off again wishing I wouldn't have wasted my gloomy morning excited about an opportunity that didn't end up being what I thought it was. All of the fashion articles, the window displays, the artsy fartsy things I've done... and everyone wants to offer me up bland and basic.

    I've managed a Sales Team: Marketing and Promotions, I've managed a Health Club: Member Retention and 55+ Classes, and I've worked in writing, fashion, and mentored students. All exciting. She wants me to manage a store and tells me that because of my experience in Fashion and because my management experience is a few years behind me that I am not a good candidate. How nice. Really? How nice. Back to submitting my work. Heck, I'm on overload nearing exertion anyway. If it was what I loved, I would've risked it, but this? Nehh. 

    I've worked with amazing people and once even worked in an impossible setting of horrid treatment for over 4 years, and I've always been a big fierce compliant 'by-the-book' Professional. Whyever can't things work out for me, just once?

    O that and I made my favorite comfort food onion breakfast potatoes, with a side of grapes, turkey sausage, and warm tea. I sure hope my luck gets better.


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