• Acai Bowl, Cayenne Juice, & a Wheat Grass Shot

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  • Acai Bowl, Cayenne Juice, & a Wheat Grass Shot
  • Posted by: Lalanii, June 23, 2015
  • Headache? Stomach Ache? Stress? Lethargic? 

    My number one cure-all lately has been a mix of the acai bowl, cayenne "cold pressed" juice, and a wheat grass shot. Here you'll see ole boi let me have the overage, so I kinda got like 1.5 shots of wheat grass, but whatevs. The way I was feeling this morning, I actually needed it. 

    Immediately, you breathe better. Even if it's just in the mind. Yes, the cayenne juice is sweet, but let's be honest, if it weren't would I tolerate it? No.

    So to offset the sugar in it yo tail still has to go to the gym, BUT, at least you know you're getting good yum stuff in you beforehand. 

    Yes, there are other alternatives, but not quick on-the-go, so better grab this than nothing, because we all know this is how mishaps are misshapen. LOL! If you wait until you're too hungry you make the wrong decisions (Chick-Fil-A, In-N-Out, those damn apple pies from McDonalds) lol. 

    Opt for the Acai bowl and just don't let the guy drizzle the honey allover, and you're good. 

    The wheat grass shot, is NAF (nasty as F*cK) but seriously what did you expect? It's grass. It does you wonderfully later. They also give you a lil' orange as a chaser. Have a few of these when you're sluggish, trust, you'll thank me. 


    The yum stuff is here, actually. Jamba is not playing with their colorful juices! Nomnomnom...


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