• Health: A Few Stress & Acne Products That Will Change Your Life 👊 - Neutrogena, Clinique, Zapzyt, Band Aids

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  • Health: A Few Stress & Acne Products That Will Change Your Life 👊 - Neutrogena, Clinique, Zapzyt,  Band Aids
  • Posted by: Lalanii, August 27, 2015


    Stress acne? Dark spots? Oily Issues? 


    All me. Don't worry I got you. 


    1. Neutrogena is listening (call me if y'all wanna use that, lol). So occasionally I use their Grapefruit Scrub, but for the sake of focusing on acne caused by stress (especially around the cheek and neck area like I always have) I'm posting about this Rapid Clear Stubborn Acne Cleanser that has pretty much kept me looking pretty good for my photo sessions. I did have one pimple she was acting out on shoot day, but I'll get to what my MUA did with her later.



    Neutrogena Rapid Clear


    a) First wash (with scrub gloves twice a week) using the Rapid Acne Cleanser. It's going to feel slippery and like it's adding oil, but it's somehow doing the opposite without giving you that icky dry feeling. 

    *Before I steam at least twice a week I use the Grapefruit Scrub (also by Neutrogena so my pores are open) but careful not to let the little scrub beads get in your eye it's the frikkin' devil!


    b) Clean off the excess with Oil-Free Acne Stress Control Triple Action Toner. I think they're doing too much with all that 'triple action' in the name (err, Acne Stress Control was fine enough marketing for me) but, the smell is dainty and apparently its MICROCLEAR technology actually does soothe the skin. It gets all the dirt the Rapid Cleanser forgot. You will need those little cotton round soft circles (Target or Amazon) and wipe away your day! Yay you. 


    c) Rapid Acne Clear Spot Gel - As needed in problem areas. I actually use this interchangeably rubbing it in during the day time since if you rub it its clear-ish. The struggle is real!!!


    d) Oil-Free Moisture SPF 15 (at least) - I always keep a moisturizer and always one enriched with sunscreen, so I can stay looking about 12 1/2 years old. In my opinion having it when you might not need it is better than not having it when you need it. I'm just saying. 


    e) NIGHT CARE ONLY: ZAPZYT (works better than any other acne treatment gel in the world) it is however white and if you forget it on and head out without washing your face, you will look a hot mess with white spots wherever you applied when you're just running to the post office real quick [somebody has done that before, shame face here].


    Zapzyt and Band-Aids


    Also, at night when you apply it over that monstrous throbbing zit you have, add a small circle band-aid over it. I call this the smoke out (no, I don't smoke, that gives you wrinkles). Anyway, I smother the pimple not allowing it to breathe and it's a guarantee when I wake that my troublesome monster is much flatter, if I can even still see it. Go 10% benzoyl perox! (That little 2% is for babies)



    Cinique Even Skin foundation Corrector


    f) Clinique Acne Solutions & Even Better w/SPF (evens and corrects) - so I use a few more products for dark spot and pimple coverage, (I'll cover later) but this works like magic. For heavier concealer MAC does the trick, but for everyday use, Clinique is light and their acne solution actually foams up to give me a little dryness incase I'm oiling up again. My MUA was able to cover my blemish who wanted to make her debut, and she was no where to be seen on shoot day. I have to gauge my skin's condition and a lot of times I'm wrong since I'm not a facialist, lol, but I toggle between these products and a panic attack. 


    Everybody good? Products featured from Amazon if you click the pics you can buy! 






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