• Beauty: Stay Young + My Secrets To Looking (And Feeling!) Like a Kid

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  • Beauty: Stay Young + My Secrets To Looking (And Feeling!) Like a Kid
  • Posted by: Lalanii, October 28, 2015
  • Ok, so I'm like 9 bajillion years old and everyone says I look around 25, sometimes I get carded and I'm just sitting at the bar, not even ordering a drink. So I'll tell you about my 'stay young' techniques. Not perfected and thoroughly flawed, but nonetheless shareable. 

    Staying Young Step 1: Shop. 


    It does reduce stress. Say it with me now, shopping is good for the soul. Indulge yourself. I happen to have brands that send me cool stuff to blog about so I don't break the bank, but sometimes I still do. Shameless plug: Oh, if you're a brand and want me to blog your item... email me here: editors@lalanii.com. Let's chat!


    Staying Young Step 2: My Puppy. 


    After a long day, I can't even open my door without my little girl jumping at my leg. It is the constant I can depend on. If you don't have a dog, get one. I even bought her a SECURITY shirt (she's 3 lbs.) so usually I can take her anywhere. Next up... I'm getting her a little shirt that says 'EMOTIONAL HERO'... love her so much!


    Staying Young Step 3. Training. Spin Classes. Equinox. 


    I think I can I think I can I think I can. There's nothing better than a good workout except maybe, a trainer working you out. LOL! I have both. I also spin. Like, spin classes on a bike that goes no where...in a room... with a bunch of other incredibly sweaty and energetic crazy people listening to RnB and EDM. I also steam a lot, like at least every other day at Equinox. I feel like it gets the impurities out since on the weekends I'll have a glass or two. I choose Equinox because it's really more of a Day Spa/Hangout that also happens to have classes and a gym in it. It's pricey, but if it weren't would I force myself to go daily? Nope. It's also very sexy people there, like, all the time. Hell the staff, they're all sexy too. LMFAO. 


    Staying Young Step 4. Naps!


    I take naps. I know I wake at odd hours... and then I take, naps! My body heals when I sleep and I know my workouts wear me out. Also, I rarely see improvement in my abs until after I wake up... everything is better in the morning. 


    Staying Young Step 5. I write. 


    If I didn't have my outlet, I'd be STUCK like a duck. A lot of what I write I don't publish, but I still manage to get it out. It's still out in the world, just maybe not online. Get an outlet... Create Art


    Stay Young Lalanii Fashion Blogger

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    Thanks guys! ♥


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