• Inspiration: Sweetie Pies & Raising Whitley Q & A @OwnTV with Pics

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  • Inspiration: Sweetie Pies & Raising Whitley Q & A @OwnTV with Pics
  • Posted by: Lalanii, November 13, 2015
  • So stoked I met Kym Whitley, her crew, the cast of Raising Whitley (#raisingwhitley) and Sweetie Pies (#sweetiepies) at OWN (@Owntv) studio lot. It was lots of fun and fully catered. Let me show you, lol: 

    Own Tv Studio LotIt was my first time on the OWN Studio lot. NbcUniversal, Paramount, Sony, you name it, but never OWN. Whoo hoo!

    Sweetie Pies Stars

    It was catered, and I was soooo full I got the 'itis' after! YUMMMMMY. Cheat meal of the week goes to Sweetie Pies, always.  

    Sweetie Pies

    So delish. 

    Own Network Raising Whitley and Sweetie Pies Luncheon and Q & A

    Sweetie Pies Staff Q & A Panel

    All smiles. 

    Sweetie Pies Q & A Panel at Own

    Sweetie Pies Robbie Cookbook

    We were all gifted with a Sweetie Pies Cookbook by Miss Robbie herself! Such a beautiful soul. Reminds me of my mom and that southern food. MMmmMMmmM Mmm Mmmm. 

    Lalanii Rochelle OWN Network

    I was trying to get a pic with Oprah's face in the backdrop, but my publicist and I weren't skilled enough, lol! It only lasted like 3 seconds!!! This was the best I could do. Hahahahahah!!! Oprah girl, I'll catch you next time. LOL. 

    Kym Whitley and Lalanii Rochelle Selfie Alert

    Meeting Kym Whitley was sooooo inspiring for me. She was making jokes the entire time, she was raunchy and the right amount of entertaining, inappropriate, but so real. #Goals! I just love her to pieces! We took us a selfie.


    Thank for having me #owntv !


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