• Fat Girl Diaries: Craving #1 - Doritos Rainbows Cheat Meal, or Nah?

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  • Fat Girl Diaries: Craving #1 - Doritos Rainbows Cheat Meal, or Nah?
  • Posted by: Lalanii, February 16, 2016
  • I swear I’m going to stop having cheat days, cheat snacks, cheat whatevers. 

    No, really I am. I used to be so good at it, you know after my 83 pound loss. And then, something happened and I fell off. 

    Doritos being one of my favorites (have y’all seen that Sweet Chilli flavor? In the purple bag?) On a bad day, I would slap my Mama out - right at the bottom of her chin and run fast to have those damn chips. No kidding. 

    Doritos Rainbows

    When I saw this new colorful version… apparently they’ve been around a while (who knew?) I almost did a little flip and sat on the carpet hands folded waiting my turn for them. 

    Then I realized… what we all already know… everything we love, has a cost. 

    A calorie cost. 

    A financial cost. 

    An emotional cost. 

    Nonetheless, a frikkin cost. 

    And you know what I’ve realized, the higher the cost, the more I want it. 

    Doritos Rainbow

    It’s a cyclical thing, really. It makes me want the damn Doritos more - because I’m sure they’re sweet annnnnd salty, I’m sure they’re just as fun to eat aesthetically as they are to go crunch-crunch-crunch and let me tell you; weeks from my next shoot, I can’t afford it. 

    I can justify it all I want, but eating is the bigger sacrifice, working out honestly… once I’m in it is not all that bad, and I’ll find myself actually pushing an extra mile or in my case 3 at times, but eating? There’s something about it that soothes, and coddles and, apparently, costs. 

    But kudos for me… 4 pounds down after the flu, 3 steps forward.

    Craving Doritos, though, 2 steps back. 

    No gym today, 2 additional baby steps back. 



    How do you keep away from your cheats? Help me out? Leave a comment. 

    Images from: POP Sugar and NBC News


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