• #Entertainment: @ScandalABC at Paley Fest 2016 Panel with #Scandal & @ShondaRhimes

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  • #Entertainment: @ScandalABC at Paley Fest 2016 Panel with #Scandal & @ShondaRhimes
  • Posted by: Lalanii, March 16, 2016
  • Lordt I almost died! On Tuesday March 15, The cast of Scandal gathered at Paley Fest 2016 situated conveniently in Hollywood at the Dolby Theater. I sat comfortably in the beautiful mezzanine overlooking the panel.

    My favorite screenwriter Shonda Rhimes and the cast of Scandal were in attendance and it was the cutest ever. They are so adorable together, each and every one of them. The Scandal crew was so hilarious and witty! We watched tomorrow's episode early and it is gonna be so great, all I can say is @darbysofficial is 🌪!!! 

    Bellamy, Kerry, and Shonda PaleyFest Scandal 2016

    Mellie, Liv, and ShondaLand

    (Bellamy, Kerry, Shonda)

    Jake, Rowan, and Huck PaleyFest Scandal 2016

    Jake, Rowan, and Huck

    (Scott, Joe, Guillermo)

    The Whole Crew Paley Fest Scandal 2016

    The Whole Cast of Scandal at Paley Fest 2016

    Big ups to @BeersBetsy and the host!

    Olitz Paley Fest Scandal 2016

    Olitz (Olivia and President Fitzgerald Grant) 

    Olivia Pope Paley Fest Scandal 2016

    Olivia Pope steps out as she's on social media. You know I love it!

    (Kerry Washington)

    Entertainment Blogger Lalanii Rochelle Paley Fest Scandal 2016

    And I pose for the bright lights at the end. 

    Styled by: @deannadupree

    Designed by:@casonnag 


    With special thanks to my team: Asia, Jalena, Kristin, Mia, and Mike. ;-) Love you. 

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