• #Creativity: The #Writers Struggle

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  • #Creativity: The #Writers Struggle
  • Posted by: Lalanii, March 23, 2016
  • Thoughts of unconsciousness: The wake the want the work the freebies the hurt the needy friends wait, what friends? What if. The why, the... what have you done lately? What have you done at all? What if you do nothing? What if you do nothing else? Why... cute girl, you’re so successful in all this light. In all this 'maybe'... in all this 'always'... but never good enough... 

    Why in the world do I love it so much, for?

    The itch the urge the broken the hope the happy-less the urgent the rage the hopeless the heart the heart the heart the hurt did I mention the itching, the dreams, the door or the mat? The door key, I had it. Where is it at, though? 

    And everyone is broken and everyone is open.

    And everyone wants more than the love of this.

    Why can't I be happy enough just to love it, as-is? 

    - Me


    "I contain so much artistic potential and creativity, yet the pen never reaches the paper. the brush never dips into the paint. and the thoughts in my head never assemble aesthetically."

    - Scar R.A 


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