• A Cold Air Balloon Run-On Sentence

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  • A Cold Air Balloon Run-On Sentence
  • Posted by: Lalanii, July 9, 2016
  • Made high hopes for you in a cold air balloon.


    Blush Moscato in a circular glass on a slant.


    Why am I so worried about the half empty?

    "Love so big I float wake up in your rollover and pillow fight and joke and I’ve been asking if we could go paddle boating and sit under the yellow and white striped cabana but you let life get in the way but the way you kiss my face with your open mouth after a long day and the playful makes crystal raindrops spoil at the corners of my eyes, so sometimes, when you ask me what’s wrong and I’m, and I’m stuck, I say in a whisper tell me a story tell me a big story in your bigger imagination and make morning stop turn morning off, for us, like a slow-motioned orgasm and a semi-sweet-pour-over give me a pink sunflower for breakfast and take me to another dream where violet water rinses my hair, and we are immune to life’s inefficiencies make me love you from a different skyline and let’s take up soft palette moonlighting as a hobby and when I’m anxious you’ll count and breathe count and squeeze with me like the doctor said remember? To love me when I don’t love myself, when it isn’t all applecherrylime when it’s bad timing, because most of life is precisely the wrong time and have a moment to ourselves and have a lifetime all unwinding this is the kind of why I want to love your insides into their outsides and you will lay me across your chest and say you didn’t mean to hurt my feelings but the way I expressed it was unraveling and I know you have bigger things to do but never better and I know you love me a little less than I love you and that makes me the half quarter ever-ready but weakness is strength when you know how to use it, and when I stomp and pout my God if you don’t come through for me like a fairy, like a safety net like the way a man is supposed to love a woman: delicate, profound, and overwhelming, like the way a woman is supposed to love a man through his eyes and in his heartbeat biding the time we are wasting is so unbelievable, baby, the time we are creating is the most beautiful wading pool dance with me to sleep will you, rock me when I wake, I fall apart you get the tape and glue, I’m going to kiss you when you walk in and love you love you love you like we are running out of time here.”   - Lalanii


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    Cold Air Balloon


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