• #Music: My Playlist *Be* Impeccable

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  • #Music: My Playlist *Be* Impeccable
  • Posted by: Lalanii, August 5, 2016
  • Current Playlist is showing out.

    Play this straight through and see if it doesn’t change your life... comments? Suggestions?

    1. Clockwork, Dan Aux featuring Ed Waaka

    2. I Remember, Aluna George

    3. Just Like Bruddas, Future – Beast Mode

    4. I Got The Keys, DJ Khaled, featuring Jay Z, Future – Major Key

    5. Make It Good, Fink – Distance and Time

    6. Hold Back The River, James Bay – Chaos and Calm

    7. Gold, Kiiara – low kii savage

    8. Nothing Is Promised, Rihanna featuring Mike Will Made It

    9. Feels, Kiiara – low kii savage

    10. Hands To Myself, Selena Gomez – Revival

    What am I missing? I'm sure it's lots!


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