• #Creative: Misprints - How To Make Mistakes Like a #Boss

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  • #Creative: Misprints - How To Make Mistakes Like a #Boss
  • Posted by: Lalanii, August 18, 2016
  • How to make mistakes, like a BOSS. 101.

    There’s no blueprint, there’s no pill, and you will eat your hopes and dreams and hope it doesn’t cost you too much in the waistline. Chik-Fil-A needs to burn down on random Wednesday nights when you’re driving to your new office so underwhelmed with life, but overwhelmed with possibility, but hey what’s up with that four piece chicken strip meal though? There is no strategy for the spirit and if you could buy a game face you’d be broke. The clients will come and then they’ll go. The employees will flake or fail. They’ll succeed and become your greatest friends. They’ll leave and start competitor companies; they’ll call, and it’ll feel like you’ve made more enemies than you’ve made friends. You’ll decide promoting a company of ghostwriters that can’t truly acknowledge they’ve done business with any B or C list celebrities is about as possible as finding a backup to your backup protegé or meeting your husband on Plenty of Fish. You’ll sip tea and watch the people who love you try to tell you [gently] it isn’t working out (professionally or personally because it's pretty much running together) and because it hasn’t, and it’s costly… and, it’s falling apart. Clocks a ticking and rocking, and you’re sopping it all up in a butter cinnamon biscuit and becoming more of a BOSS B*TCH every day. Meanwhile, every idea is turning up lopsided, and you’ve got to get it together.

    You get sick, almost weekly. You tell yourself entrepreneurship might be harder than mind sickness or that basic floppy feeling of unemployment. You develop allergic reactions and itches on your wrist. You become superstitious because the itch is close enough to the palm of your hand and you know what they say, when your palm itches, money is near. You head to the holistic store for more promise pills. You clutch your pink quartz crystal; it’s given you something to believe in.

    You got two rejections this month: Modern Love and Thought Catalog. The latter rejection said to resubmit to a more specific catalog within, ML was a form rejection. When you tried to find the melatonin last night, it was gone. The damn trolls came stealing into your room with a vengeance, and they’ve stolen the sleep~help medicine. There’s a random pain in your chest, and you’re trying to figure out if there’s going to be anything left to believe in when a new Mini Cooper shows up like Santa mid-Summer and love nearly knocks the wind over and out of you, right there on your front lawn. When you can remember being happier in your life, you’ll remember this moment maybe third after looking over at your newborn and going oh f*ck; now I have to be responsible. Second to getting a masters degree in writing, you’ll remember Christmas in August. You’ll flash from being denied visitation days prior shaking in your anger on the steps of the hospital and watching the person you love more than life sit next to someone who thinks her hair is on fire; she has yellow crust drops at the creases of her mouth, clearly she is not incinerating … and you can’t tell if the pain in your chest is a physical or emotional now, but you used to be certain it was physical. You can see this really big skyline, and sometimes you think you can fly it. But then when you open your eyes that sh*t doesn’t fly.

    But, that’s how you make mistakes… let me show you how to make them like a boss.

    Your mini 'you' is playing Varsity Football. You’ve scored two new brand endorsements. If you are moving forward, you are getting better because you are learning. I think it was the musical sensation Future Hendrix who mentioned in an interview that he wanted his next album to be about 'How You Can Make Mistakes and Not Let That Determine Your Outcome.'

    So that is what you are doing. And the moments you love you have to wait for. But you are starting to pay attention to the moments you love, and knowing is more than half the battle because that is what will strengthen you when the mistakes are high stakes and the hatred is self-inflicted, and you are so dizzy with worry you can’t get into REM, and you have no energy for running. It will be the moments you learn to laugh at yourself and then laugh with yourself because most of these moments you'll be alone. You'll discover you’re not the same little girl anymore. The moments when you stand up for yourself, and it does only a little good, but a little is more than you thought you could.

    There is someone else out there winning by a little.

    Wait, did I say you? I meant me.


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