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  • Talk To Strangers ~ Saul Williams
  • Posted by: Lalanii, October 22, 2016
  • “Talk to strangers

    when the family fails and friends lead you astray

    when Buddha laughs and Jesus weeps and it turns out God is gay.

    'Cause angels and messiahs love can come in many forms:

    in the hallways of your projects, or the fat girl in your dorm,

    and when you finally take the time to see what they’re about

    perhaps you find them lonely or their wisdom trips you out.”

    Saul Williams

    Saul Williams

    I can always find what I'm going through in a book; a quote, some words.

    Saul Williams has been and is one of my favorite writers and performers since my beginning. Before I got my MFA, before I was performing, when it was poetry in a journal and that was all. Before copywriting, before producing websites. A girl with my journal. Since "SLAM."

    I have an interesting story of when I met him and I mistaked him for a homeless man. Funny thing; I talk so much that when I told him about it as we talked later he was totally cool and laughed about it. I can be such a ridiculous human sometimes.

    His latest work, I love. But hey, who doesn't love their first love?

    Check it, here.

    P.s. this new laptop charger and coffee maker are changing my life. I'm just saying. Click pics to get yours.


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