• and I Love Him for his Words

  • and I Love Him for his Words
  • Posted by: Lalanii, October 17, 2012
  • 'Close your eyes and take three deep breaths... This is the only moment you need to worry about. No yesterday. No tomorrow. Just right now. You're not late for anything. You aren't going to miss anything. You're exactly where you're supposed to be and you're exactly who you're supposed to be. You're absolutely perfect & whatever happens today is exactly what's supposed to happen and if you want, I'll spend every moment with you for the rest of your life.'

    In the movie Hit and Run Dax Shephard plays Charlie Bronson and repeats this melodic mantra in his girlfriend's ear. His character (definitely a clumsy yet lovable misfit) is in love with the 'saditty' Kristen Bell who panics and worries often. When she does, he grabs her and speaks into her face and says the aforementioned words. She closes her eyelids, relaxes. And I love him for these words. Sometimes all you need is to hear words.

    As the movie evolves we find Dax was involved in a robbery and has an awful past, but throughout the movie he convinces her that his past is exactly that, the past. Halfway through, I'm pulling for Dax so much that I don't care how many banks he's robbed, HE is no longer the decisions he made.

    This practice of being in the moment, of being present right now, alters perception not only in the case of watching romantic dramedies. This is wholeheartedly imperative when evaluating important moments when what matters is in front of you, and what doesn't matter--isn't. Being in the moment heightens that moment, makes it more memorable, and forces you to accept reality in a way that 'out of sight/out of mind' people are more urgently affected. Maybe this can be attributed to the practice of pushing the radical out of the way to get by.

    What I can say I've found with the bottling and pushing down of emotions, is the eventual inability to feel them. Vulnerability is necessary: for personal growth. For the ability to say: 'yesterday I was this way, but today, I am this.'

    Greater than someone saying 'it's the little things that count,' and even bigger than 'do unto others,' is the practice of honesty and openness with yourself.The practice of being able to say I am no longer the decisions I made and I will choose better, more wisely, and live my life in such a way that if someone spoke badly of me no-one would believe it.

    Close your eyes and take three deep breaths...

    This is the only moment you need to worry about.

    Special thanks to spirituallythinking for the picture.

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