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  • Posted by: Lalanii, April 10, 2013
  • Have you ever encountered a person and questioned their character right away? I mean like, with your mouth gaping wide, 'holy-honest-with-yourself-this-person-plays-with-demons-in-their-sleep' kinda way? Well, it happened. To me. And my reaction?

    Internalization as always.

    Then a step back and into focus.

    Dale Carnegie tells us in How To Win Friends and Influence People that we should 'Talk in terms of the other person's interests.' Yes, and sometimes you still cannot win, and you smile and eat fruit snacks anyway. I remember the lunches I had with this gal, the way her words worried into me like the strep throat I feel coming on, with an already low immune system. I remember the day I could take no more of the interactions, the way the people around me all felt they had the perfect advice for me. But they weren't living it, and it was all I could take to hear another 'This Too Shall Pass,' or 'It'll Get Better.'


    Fact is: I've carried enough character flaws myself to recognize those in others', I make improvements to myself constantly, and know when enough is more than enough, albeit too much. At the expense of a slew of ready-made promises to myself about where I'd be now and then, a team of writers' dreams on my shoulders, something my doppelgånger calls hopeless/something my outer shell calls 'saving face,' regrets with a side full of regretful, I'd like to say the best thing yet...

    My character still beams. I still strive for dreams because of the people around me.

    Another step back, focus in: where I am is where I should have been.


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