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  • But if Not... I'll live
  • Posted by: Lalanii, June 14, 2014
  • I wanted a pink-bricked road by now... but guess not, I'll live. A helium ride at the top of the sky, some sour blue fishnet stockings, a fat girl gelato, and a big kid swing set. I needed pot holes of let-downs, excuses, and experiences to get me here, I wanted to make a mess of myself... there's one successful thing I did. To get on a plane and not worry about when. Jump up and away and not care about him. Make a shit-ton of mistakes again. I wonder why I stopped acrylic painting. To dream up another best friend like the girl I knew as a kid, just as good - if not as is. I'm talking to myself - 'cause she doesn't exist. I gathered a few books. They lack consideration. I wondered a bit. I wanted to do epic shit...

    epic shit

    but making a living got in the way of my living, now I'm really just kidding in this world.

    Go to Paris, buy nice stems.


    read. sleep. kiss.


    I guess I need to find what makes me alive.

    I can bet it's this.



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