• Top 3 Copy Advertisements We Love & What Makes an Ad Go Viral?

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  • Top 3 Copy Advertisements We Love & What Makes an Ad Go Viral?
  • Posted by: Lalanii, September 26, 2013
  • We gotta give creative credit when it's due. These creative ads are fantabalous. After voting in the office our creative team over at Creative has decided.

    We've come to the realization that the top factors for what makes a copy ad go viral are these prerequisites, the 3 C's:

    1. Cuteness

    Say Barbie isn't absolutely adorable in the above ad and you're a liar! Staring at the ad makes us all want to try whatever she's eating, why? Because she's iconic, pleasant, and the product seems yummy. It appeals to the three most powerful senses and/or highly sought after qualities. Well known, delightfully charming, and lastly, our desire to experience--taste and touch being the strongest.

    2. Controversy

    It simply has to invite some type of controversy, as shown in ad #2 for Che Men's Magazine. This ad has been called sexist, controversial, ridiculous, whatever. The point is, it went viral. You may not like it, but you definitely remembered it. There's buzz. And if not for that buzz, an ad falls in line with the rest of the media people see but don't truly notice or talk about.

    3. (Innovative) Creativity

    It's the play on words that grabs your attention and leaves you laughing, in awe, disgusted, or keeps you thinking. Regardless, it incites interest and that's the reason creativity is still needed and treasured. As George Lois most accurately said 'Creativity can solve almost any problem.'

    Visit our agency for help with how we can help your advertisements go viral!


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