• Arguing, Er, I Mean Articulating.

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  • Arguing, Er, I Mean Articulating.
  • Posted by: Lalanii, February 26, 2011
  • I don't love arguments. I love intelligent nonchalant debates of opinion. Yea, I love arguing. {Insert ah well face} Sometimes it's just to prove how much better I might be at articulating my perspective, and if I lose--I want to try again. The moment when I render someone speechless--win! But here's the thing and if I may quote Edward Gibbon 'I never make the mistake of arguing with people whose opinions I have no respect.' Such is true. Last night, there was an argument. I rarely lose those fun ones I don't see coming and usually they're my favorite, but I was defeated. In spirit, in wit, and in perspective. I was unable to get my antagonist to understand or acknowledge any wrongdoing whatsoever, when I was more than willing to profess the cracks in my own fault line. It reminded me of when I was a child, maybe 11, I can't remember how old. I was trying to show my mom this puzzle-brainteaser thingamabobjiggy that I'd figured out all on my own. I was off on a tangent doing it just fine and then when I wanted to brag to show her that I'd finally cracked the code and she'd created an absolute genius, I couldn't do it. This particular time, I kept trying, trying so much that I burst into tears of sheer disgust with myself. Of course as most mothers she said 'O honey, you did it once, you'll do it again,' I stomped off full of fiery redness because (to me) she didn't believe me! She didn't believe I'd done it.

    There is nothing more angersome (yea, I just made up that word) than trying to tell someone something that you're not sure they believe. This was what made me irate about my argument last night, which in turn, caused me to lose. It made me want to scream. But because I'm a poised, self-respecting, peachy-bright colored and fascinated with myself type of individual, I could not let that happen. I proceeded to tell my opponent that everything spoken was in fact a truism, and that I had no fight left. Really, I have a lot of fight left - but just as most lawyers don't take on cases they don't think they can win, I felt there was no belief or possibility of understanding left.

    Everything in my argumentative history proved that any words spoken from that point forward would only be misinterpretations.

    That was what actually caused me to scream in my ruffle pillow with the covers over my head.

    Poise gone.

    And then my eleven year old walked in with a yellow teacup, steaming hot. I read the string of the tea. Calm.


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