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  • Flying or - Failing
  • Posted by: Lalanii, May 30, 2015
  • How godawfully tired am I of everyday wish-wash. The dog is throwing up in the hallway Lalanii, your child won’t stop sleeping in class, Lalanii, the tomatoes sat and went bad in the fridge Lalanii, you don’t drink enough water, you’d fare well to straighten the room, treetops over mountains of {expletive, expletive, expletive} problems. 

    The thing about a problem is you can’t really figure out how to solve it until you’re out of it. At least I can’t. In retrospect, I swear it, I’m a natural genius (from my blurry looking glass - that is). Octopus arms twirled around forgiveness and thoughtfulness. Wild insight of how I might have handled it differently, I might have sat back, swirled the toothpick, rumigated on causes and effects. But in “it,” I’m a basket case. A wreck. Everything not to love. 

    I think when opportunity invents itself, you don’t plan for the worst and hope for the best. You flyfail. You jump the rocks and wait with no hope, just a try and a 50/50 ‘chute that could totally drop your *ss. This way, if you happen to fail, you weren’t expecting to fly, and if you happen to fly… the pleasant surprise should give you the momentum to act a damn fool again. 

    Issues. Peach moscato. A colorful wireframe and I. Erh. Sorry. Once upon a time there was a wish list. Scratch that too. Good luck with your fearevers. 

    Where was the ball when it dropped on you? How is your year shaping up? It’s getting old already I bet. Resolutions are long over. Mine is gone. Wait, just kidding, I didn’t set any. 


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