• Miguel #Wildheart Find What You Love & Let It Kill You. ~ Bukowski

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  • Miguel #Wildheart Find What You Love & Let It Kill You. ~ Bukowski
  • Posted by: Lalanii, July 15, 2015
  • "I don't want a model, I don't want a movie star, you don't have to win the lotto, I want you to win my heart... I just want someone truuuuuuuue." ~ Simple Things, Miguel

    Miguel Revolt Live

    @Miguel performed #wildhearttakeover #revoltlive Monday night, July 13, 2015 around 7 pm give or take a few sound technical issues. The show was extra fab at Hollywood and Highland center, and that wasn't just because me, my colorful hair, and my crazy homegirl were on the stage. Miguel came out with high energy and super-inspiration - he was on stage quoting Bukowski's "find what you love and let it kill you," among other motivational sweetnesses. He appeared relaxed dressed in Pierre Balmain with triple necklace centerpiece detail, a black circle ring, a jangle of gold and silver and a link watch. Funky-spunk.

    He gave the message to be who you are and to live out every dream like we're dying, which we're all doing anyway. He told the audience about his Mexican pops and his black mom from Inglewood encouraging everyone NOT to fit in. He brought cultural awareness into play by explaining he wouldn't be where he is today without all the eccentric people that follow him, his fans! He then proceeded to sing a few songs from his debut album, a few new ones, and he ended the show with "Adorn," ... of course he did. Whoever he has on keys added a twang to it, the whole set rocked out, and we all thought we could hit that note, you know the one at the end with the runs? Yea....

    "I, oh ohhhhh

    Let my love adorn you baby

    Don't you ever

    Don't you let nobody tell you different baby"

    And he sure was sanginnnnnnn' from the bottom of his caramel boots, sporting a cuffed colorful button-down and aviators. 

    Because I could fall in love like 94.2 times with this song on and his latest compilation is purely sh*tting on all 'basic' RnB, from his melodic ballad "leaves" to his hippy hoppy "good f*ckin girl" to "damned" ... which seriously has me feeling damned for loving everybody and anybody.

    #Miguel on the mic at Hollywood and Highland #Revoltlive

    Well damnnnnn Miguel, we love it. 

    Miguel and hosts of Revolt

    @HANNAHRAD and @TheRealDJDAMAGE were there (#TWCExclusives) all havin' a wild time!

    #Miguel #Revoltlive Miguel's Team Having a Powow

    His multi-hued dream team was dressed neck to toe in white (lol), from his fine *ss keyboard artist 

    Miguel's Keyboard Artist #Wildheart #MiguelMiguel's DJ


    Miguel's Drummer #Wildheart #Miguel

    to DJ, to drummerboi, band ... and beyond...

    Miguel's Guitar Guy  #Wildheart #MiguelMiguel's Guitar Guy and Lalanii Rochelle #Wildheart #Miguel



    Lalanii and casting agent Natasha Ward on stage with #Miguel #Wildheart

    Yep they were all finger-lickin' cute. #Wildheart!!! Good times. 


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