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  • Fiction Prose: Fairytales and Helium
  • Posted by: Lalanii, November 23, 2015
  • An ex of mine once wrote to me scribbled on the back of a receipt, he slid across the table: 


    "You are mine."


    And I laughed. 


    Because the part of me that can be held, it is not something anyone can demand. That part, I would have had to give. - Lalanii





    "How does one submit to falling forever, to going to pieces." Maggie Nelson


    We woke up in an everlong morning. 


    And it started over and over and it was over faster than I would know it. 


    Butterbaths. I miss butterbaths but my laughter here is better 

    It never looks the same without our windows

    Pockets of powder-hope over a sun cloud that floats, 


    and you remind me, you reminded me. 


    You tied me to my helium and watched me turn into a glowfish

    I waited for faeries and butterflies, 

    I got bumblebees and liars. 


    I wanted a very careful canopy, beneath the twilight, 

    With a glass of cold sweet white wine. 

    Being fed honeydew and pineapple. 


    That was my kindness. 

    Or was it my weakness? 

    Must be your sweetness. 

    You get sweeter and sweeter. 


    We are over because I felt like I was wasting my words,

    It's only so long I'm going to stand in the blame line. 


    It's only so long I'm going to...


    I don't get you. 


    "I want the you no one else can see, the you so close the third person never need apply." - Maggie Nelson


    I'm deflated. I'll never fly.


    You have banter. At a breaking-sweat speed. 


    Fairytales come true, you said once. 





    Skylar Sandal Inline


    Pastel Skylar Sandal by Current Mood


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    Photog: @zentography_dot_net

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    "I was so happy renting in New York City for so long because renting - at least the way I rented, which involved never lifting a finger to better my surroundings - allows you to let things literally fall apart all around you. Then, when it gets to be too much, you just move on." Maggie Nelson


    Quotes by: Maggie Nelson, from The Argonauts


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