• Movies: Creed (Spoiler Alert - Read This After You Have Seen The Movie)

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  • Movies: Creed (Spoiler Alert - Read This After You Have Seen The Movie)
  • Posted by: Lalanii, November 25, 2015
  • I saw the movie Creed last night and it wasn't just another boxing movie, like I thought it would be.  Adonis Creed (Michael B. Jordan) son of Apollo Creed; gets training from Rocky Balboa. The friend and former rival of his father. 

    Adonis gets looped into fighting against an impossible opponent, "Pretty Ricky" Conlan 36 and 0, were his stats. 17 and 0 at the time were the star athlete's stats. Adonis was pitched against this opponent to generate enough buzz to take care of Ricky's family once he went away to jail for a long time. 

    Anyone who knows me knows I love movies with meanings. 

    Sylvester Stalone, Michael B Jordan, Creed New Movie

    This is true for a few reasons: 

    In my opinion, the movie showcased young Adonis taking care of his trainer as he battled chemotherapy, juggling his time with love interest Bianca (the gorgeous Tessa Thompson), and training like his life depended on it; his father lost his life in in the ring.

    He was ill-prepared, 1) his trainer and mentor was older and sick, 2) he'd only had fighting experience in Mexico, 3) only one real professional fight, and although he'd won them all, he was clearly not as experienced as Pretty Ricky. 

    He went into that ring with heart and his father's name to carry - which throughout the movie he struggled with not being able to live up to. 

    He was knocked down. 

    He was hit repeatedly, so much I thought for sure he would not recover. 

    He even knocked down his opponent, but his opponent got up again. 

    At one point you could tell in the movie that he was fighting instinctually and that was spot on (acting and production)... the cinematography depicted his disorientation, and it was clear he was losing. 

    But it wasn't how hard he trained or how hard his punches were, it was about his heart.

    It was how many punches he could take and get up and keep going. 

    The announcer as well as the audience all agreed that even though he lost the fight, he was the winner of the night. ‚Äč

    I'm definitely about to get up and go eat me some Thanksgiving yum yums, how about y'all? 


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