• Inspiration: Find Three Hobbies You Love

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  • Inspiration: Find Three Hobbies You Love
  • Posted by: Lalanii, December 5, 2015
  • "Find three hobbies you love. One to make you money, one to keep you in shape, and one to be creative."

    I have a few qualms. I have a few confessions in those qualms, a few of my latest discoveries: 

    1. I write until my eyes are bloodshot. I have also lately taken up binge watching Being Mary Jane staying up so late the sun sneaks up and melatonin doesn't work when I finally lie down. I consider myself now an even mix of Gabrielle Union (Mary Jane Paul) and Kerry Washington (Olivia Pope) in Scandal. 

    2. I have fallen asleep at a stoplight twice this week. The light's wait is less than two minutes, but I cannot fall asleep in my duvet covered, mattress pad lined, super soft canopy bed; even wearing my cozy socks and that's usually the doozy.

    3. I made my cell phone up beneath the covers, then I searched my house in screaming panic wild at one of my friends that someone had come over and stolen my cell suddenly (lol, luckily) my reminder to take my vitamins went off, since my phone was on silent. I was able to rescue my iPhone with no harm to any of my imaginary friends. We are all ok. 

    4. Instagram is both a gift and a curse. 

    5. #1 Pet Peeve (to elaborate on later) is people who do not greet me with hello, please, or thank you. Common courtesy is not so common. 

    6. My puppy is the most honest bae I know. 

    7. This bathroom is so convenient; I would like to have it. 


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    How do you get inspired?


    I think this powder room is ideal. 


    ~ Image quote from Extramadness.com ~


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