• Lifestyle: Outlandish X-Mas Raunch Wishlist 2020 For The Seriously Impossible To Please

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  • Lifestyle: Outlandish X-Mas Raunch Wishlist 2020 For The Seriously Impossible To Please
  • Posted by: Lalanii, December 17, 2015
  •  In order of priority for survival, procreation, and hot messness, aka me. 

    1. Car

    Here are my top threes, well at least I think. 

    A) The BMW, cuz like we're goin' hard... there's also another cute version... but I can't find it. LOL. 

    BMW 2015

    B) The the Nissan Juke, I haven't heard anything or test even test driven it, but it's so frikkin cute! 



    Nissan Juke


    C) Then the Fiat. My homegirl has one and loves it, but I've heard mixed things.


    What do y'all think?


    I know I love the colors!


    Fiat 2015



    2. Double Workscreens.

    My laptop is too small and I miss my old double screens. 

    A Million Screens! F a Double Screen LOL

    So an upgrade... is necessary!


    Six Screen Work Station


    Ok, just kidding this is good. 


    Double ScreenNo but serious. 

    3. Marriage

    Noah Inline

    Something kinda like this.

    The Notebook movie messed everything up for all women. I swear it. Lol. 

    Appetizer Wedding

    O wait, maybe I just want a pretty party. LOL. 

    Ceremony Invite

    Dance. Dance. Love. Love. 

    Rose Gold Ring

    Oh La La. 

    No, seriously, I don't want a wedding as much as the right person to grow old with. Did you catch those keywords: THE RIGHT PERSON. Follow my wedding Pinterest here

    Ok a lil smaller... whatevs... 

    Sapphire Pink Precious Rose Gold Wedding Ring

    4. Baby Girl

    Something like so. 

    Creative Soul Photo: Baby Girl Perfection

    No matter how many times my child curses and steals my table heater. I still want a girl version of me. Is that selfish? Follow along. Click the pic for CreativeSoulPhoto.com.

    Steven Wetherbee Photography

    And Wetherbeephoto.com has the best looks! Check out this other cutie. 

    Round Crib, Circle Crib Set

    This round crib is love. 

    Ballerina Babies

    And for this. A ballerina! 


    5. Another baby maltese: his name will be Wifi, since my girl's name is Notebook.

    I'm still stuck on this name, years and years later. 

    Baby Wifi @woofwoofpuppies

     Check out @woofwoof puppies 

    Michcant Puppies

    And michcant

    Look at this lil' boy! I know they say things can't complete you... but I'm pretty sure this will complete me my fam...

    My chic is already so spoiled she needs a husband. Lol, yea. 

    House Inline

    6. H O M E

    Preferably in some bourgeoisie area that ends in: ____ Vista, _____ Hills, ______ Estates, or ______ Villas. 

    There's too much I need here. Overload. 


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