• Entertainment: Mariah, Do 'You' Babes + Ring, On Her Way to 3rd Hubby

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  • Entertainment: Mariah, Do 'You' Babes + Ring, On Her Way to 3rd Hubby
  • Posted by: Lalanii, February 1, 2016
  • Y'all see M-Car's dazzling new jewels? Can't be missed, really. USA Today found her out n' about flashing this ridunkalous ring noting her to be engaged to James Packer, Australia's 3rd richest billionaire. I mean, can we say, go on 'head honey. YBF also posted about their new rented mansion in LA.


    So the twins, the notable husbands... what's next? 


    O, the mansion with the waterfall, yes. Forgot that. 


    Mariah Carey's New Waterfall Mansion


    So Mariah, can you just let me hold the other one since you n' Nicky didn't work out? You know the one with the square emerald cut and the diamond clusters covering in 58 intensely beautiful light pink diamonds?


    Mariahs New Ring Bling: James Packer Has Proposed


    Yea, that one you have just lying around in the jewelry box.


    I'm just sayin' ... I guess I just like pink because I thought the old one was pretty fancy!


    Be fabulous for a living, if you can.


    I'm happy she has found another ring, err, love again!!!


    Who doesn't want to live a beautiful life of fabulousness, creativity, and love?


    In the words of my bestie "let her be great!"


    Images from YBF and USA Today. 


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