• #MensFashion: How To Get And Keep Her Attention - Must Have Accessories

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  • #MensFashion: How To Get And Keep Her Attention - Must Have Accessories
  • Posted by: Lalanii, July 14, 2016
  • 1. The Watch

    So, if we're talking accessories (because obviously, personality is going to outshine all material things...) I think the most underrated is the watch. This one has a cool mod look, is a conversation piece, and has my fav lately, rose gold accents. I'm into the minimalist, even though I'm a junkster... (opposites attract?) it gives me the feeling that this guy would have his ish together... you know, if he were like, wearing this watch by Qlocktwo from Design Republic

    Rose Gold Watch

    2. The Sneakers

    These bad babes are luxurious. Plain and simple. So, if we step out, and he's got these on, I already know what type of guy he is. There's nothing sexier than a clean, GQ look, especially if he's got the swag to pull these off. By the way, many don't. LOL. Anywho... fresh kicks surely get my attention. Come on, I'm in fashion. A man who doesn't take pride in the outside, likely doesn't take pride in the inside. Yea, I said it! He probably doesn't have his nutrition game on point, and he probably doesn't have regular check-ins with himself. And that's important, to me, at least. These gorg kicks are by Buscemi and can be found at Forward.

    Rose Gold Buscemi Sneakers

    3. The Ring

    And, no. I don't mean the wedding ring. A dapper well-put together individual might accessorize with more than just his wedding ring. Somewhat of a fashion statement he might have gifted himself, something someone gave him, something that means something to him because it symbolizes something. These are all sentimental things a lot of men think about, but don't actually show. It would create a story and it is intriguing. This one is fairly simple and doesn't cost much either. It's by Tungsten and can be found on Amazon, I know right?! 

    Tungsten Ring

    And lastly, this.

    Holy Jesus This Rose Gold Ring

    I'm just kidding guys, that one is just for shits n' giggles. LOL. It is a beauty though, right?

    Accessorize your life!




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