• #Fashion: Beyoncé's Pinstripe Mini Skirt Suit at Usher's Hands of Stone Premiere

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  • #Fashion: Beyoncé's Pinstripe Mini Skirt Suit at Usher's Hands of Stone Premiere
  • Posted by: Lalanii, August 23, 2016
  • Beyoncé shows up to support Usher's new movie in a grey double-breasted pinstripe (mini skirt) suit! Come thrrrrrru B!!!

    Beyonce's Pinstripe Grey Suit

    Clearly this girl can make a parking lot a runway.

    I immediately thought back to when I owned one of these.

    Where is it now (see, this is why I don't like to throw things away) I need this!

    I speed-messaged my stylist and was like "can we make this Yoncé magic happen?"

    And do you see Jay matching in this grey?

    Beyoncé and Jay Z at Usher Raymonds Hands of Stone Premiere

    O, and the movie premiere was for Hands of Stone, and Usher plays the boxer Sugar Ray Leonard. Congrats Ush!

    That suit tho.

    Images courtesy of Cosmopolitan and Usher.Raymond's Snapchat.


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