• Decor: Urban Outfitters Best Studio and Pastel Living Room Looks

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  • Decor: Urban Outfitters Best Studio and Pastel Living Room Looks
  • Posted by: Lalanii, March 1, 2017
  • Finally all moved and happy. Sort of.

    There's been...

    1. A godawful leak in my beautiful new little studio. Took weeks to fix and with all this rain, the world was not my friend.

    2. A surgery. And well, now I'm on the mend.

    3. A little down so I've gotten some aromatherapy oils for my diffuser to lift my spirits.

    And now, I've created a wishlist, of sorts... but I've already finished decorating, pretty much.

    Pictures to follow, but for now... look at the goodies I've found at Urban Outfitters!

    *Tiffany's charms not included lol.

    A beautiful floor sofa bed

    I love this floor cozy couch, err, bed, erhm, lounge, uhm, chair? Well... all of the above.

    This quirky mint green lamp

    Okay, maybe too much of this pastel green... ok, ok... but the different hues would blend and it would look fancy.

    Matching mint green table

    Something about this mint green side table that's just, really doing it for me. LOL!

    Pillow Swing

    This beautiful pillow on a swing I've found via Passion Shake, now this, I would absolutely LOVE. But, it's DIY and I already know I can't make this on my own... hmmm... or can I?

    Alright, it's now on the bucket list! A swing in my house. One of these days!

    Hope all is well. Happy to be back!!!


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