• Or Watch Me As I Go... Top 3 Bad *ss Shoes of 2013

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  • Or Watch Me As I Go... Top 3 Bad *ss Shoes of 2013
  • Posted by: Lalanii, January 3, 2014
  • My top 3 shoes of the year. In their own order of importance. 

    1. Naked, by Andreia Chaves - eat your heart out biatches. These are so fly I might die of them. Or at least prance around stark naked with glee (above). 


    2. Finsk, by Project 8 - one step and all your enemies die in a game of 7" Tetris. F*ck it, it's a new year. Days are numbered. The average platform has taken steroids ladies. 

    3. Mary Chains, by UNIF - I wish I were a shoe designer. In which case I would make brilliant wishes like these come true. Those wishes would wear spikes and pastels, oxymoronic with a dash of 'don't piss me off.' Pink Mary Chains by UNIF... but I lost the damn picture so you have these: Hellbounds. 

    They say F*ck You, Politely. With a clear lucite heel and dainty pink leather.

    And by the way, everything is pissing me off. No I'm not in a great mood. 2014 ain't got nothin' on the havoc I'm about to wreak.



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