• #Fashion: @ShapeshifterzCo Runway Model Lalanii Rochelle Tomorrowear Tech Wearables Expo

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  • #Fashion: @ShapeshifterzCo Runway Model Lalanii Rochelle Tomorrowear Tech Wearables Expo
  • Posted by: Lalanii, March 13, 2016
  • ... ... Because I stay classy and flashy ... for a living. Haha!

    Throwback from a few weeks ago for the whole feature and that turn all of y'all were looking for. 

    Sorry so late, I've been... swamped.

    I love my clients! 

    I graced the runway for ShapeShifterz, and boy did I rock it.

    Shapeshifterz Runway Model Lalanii Rochelle

    Front... to... 

    Shapeshifterz Runway Model Lalanii Rochelle

    Back... baby... 

    Shapeshifterz RUnway Model Lalanii Rochelle

    Fierce like my Mama taught me. 


    Shapeshifterz own Lalanii Rochelle gracing the runway like only she can

    Keep that walkaway strong. Don't ever let 'em see you fall. Ever. 

    Shapeshifterz Runway Designer Tanja

    And Tanja on the 1's and 2's. Lol. 

    Shapeshifterz Runway Designer Tanja and Model Lalanii

    It is so delightful to support hard-working creative people. 

    Shapeshifterz Runway Designer Tanja

    ... I'm sorry hard-working, creative, and STRONG women. LOLz. 

    Shapeshifterz Runway Model Lalanii Rochelle Clapping at the End

    The show was a complete success. 

    Our lovely team: Shapeshifterz Runway Model Lalanii Rochelle

    Everyone on the team was, simply put... delightful. Good times. 

    Shapeshifterz Runway Model Lalanii Rochelle: Tomorrowear Feb 17th, 2016

    I enjoyed myself so much.

    Thanks to Tanja, The Reef, Tomorrowear, Maker City LA, Manufacture LA/ Heart Centered Tech, District 2, and Three Moons Imaging.

    I really love you guys. 

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