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Lalanii R. Grant, MFA


Inspire. Imagine. Infuse. Indulging in an intimate search that combines lifestyle, entertainment and literature . . . exposing more informed ideas, connections and personal growth.


“I want to poison the world with colorful thoughts. I want every interaction a person has with me to float as though our exchange of words has illuminated the part of their mind that causes them to think creatively, set goals and react to experiences in the most inventive of ways.” ~ Lalanii


Writer, journalist, advertising consultant and online personality.

She’s opinionated about sex/dating, self-un-help and all things creative. She’s also a spokesmodel and impactful brand ambassador. She reviews and provides commentary about:

Lalanii Rochelle indulges us with an unapologetically overzealous demeanor. She holds a masters degree in nonfiction with a minor in poetry. 

Her undergrad, project management. She produces websites and runs a freelance creative agency. Some people find her fascinating. Some people say she’s erratic. Other people think she’s downright crazy. Read on and decide for yourself.


Years and years ago I earned a management degree because I needed financial security. Still wasn’t happy. Everyone had a management degree; the job market was flooded with professional managers. A year later, I pursued a psychology degree; I dropped out due to a case of hypochondriacal tendencies. Finally, I set aside fear of failure, and decided on a master’s degree in creative writing.

Why did you do that, you don’t ask? Because happiness is imperative and sharing my experiences and upsets whilst providing insight to others is what I find most fulfilling. I’ve been writing since before I can remember doing anything else.

“I consider myself the expert because I’ve failed just that much.”

Anyone can tell a person what not to do and give him or her a reason why they shouldn’t. I’d rather delight and inform, and if you learn something from my stories, if they open you up to a new perspective, I’ll consider myself successful. This is what subscribing now will give you. Raw, real. Raunchy. Opinions on Love. Sex. Dating. Where fashion and intellect intersect. Blogging, blathering, bitching. Humor. Creative Nonfiction, Fiction. Poetry. What other people don’t want to write about, I will write about. People will hate it. People will love it. 

When you subscribe to the premium membership, you can choose what topics you want access to. You won’t get emails about topics you don’t care much about. Also, if you are looking for more professional writing, copywriting and/or social media services, you have landed at the wrong url, silly silly bunny-bear, please visit my agency:



For my fellas, it’s like this:

[Real deets about sex, things I’ve experienced, qualms, overheard bathroom conversations, polls about relationships, opinionated reactions to wild encounters and overtly detailed storytelling. * Also… I don’t use names, but I do use raunchy. ]

For my chicks, it’s like this:


I’ve constructed an interactive online community to converse with you lovely people and deal with specific issues in your life. I did this because I’ve accepted the fact that life is messy. My life is a hot mess and I find the best way to work through my own issues, is to find others with similar issues and things in common and ruminate. My blogs detail the aforementioned themes, give advice, and provide inspiration and amusement. Each week I’ll pose in fashionable attire and review products and services. If you’ve read my work and you’ve gotten this far through the jargon no one ever reads, then you will love reading the blogs daily. Your curiosity necessitates the cost of a coffee, which is the same cost of a Premium Membership. I promise this merrymaking picnic of content is high time for your leisure reading. Bigger than any excuse not to.

All blogs are based on creative work, journalistic in nature. From various research and books, or stories I’ve read or been told, as well as the lessons from hundreds of personal clients and students I’ve consulted or trained. The friends I love. The lovers I’ve lost. The family I’ve sometimes neglected to keep up with because of the love of my life: writing.

At less than 7¢ a day monthly, my online community provides you with work published weekly and hundreds of blogs and archives to access at a moment’s notice. I’ll keep up with the latest trends in fashion and beauty so you don’t have to. I’ll entertain with my wisdom insofar as my lens, and I’ll pose thought-provoking dilemmas. You’ll get to talk shop with me about new concepts without missing your daily dose of wavering~motivation from an out of the triangle thinker who is innovative at various fitful stages of doubt, confusion and exploration. Subscribe now; it will improve your life.

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