• Love Making: Use Head Hands Heart, Materiality and Solidarity

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  • Love Making: Use Head Hands Heart, Materiality and Solidarity
  • Posted by: Lalanii, October 4, 2012
  • There's nothing like a hug that bubbles over into making love. Good Morning love! 'I was just saying hello and then--' whoops we - made a sailboat out into the sea, climbed a kite, rolled down the hill sideways, and looked at each other in laughter. Where has life gone when we forget to live so deeply? To take the chances we've always been afraid to take because something, because someone, hurt us?


    Because people can only love us in the way we've taught them to love us. Can we all be better teachers in love? In life?


    So then therein lies this question. Does sex, sex, sex = love? Because making is caring? Does crossing your fingers in hopes still work when you've grown up? Pinky swears? What about take-backs? When you drop something on the floor do you still have five seconds to pick it up before it becomes officially 'dirty'? How long can you keep something 'new' to you? How long have you ever tried? A material thing or a materiality? If we make love every marvelous moment we get for the rest of our lives... isn't that called a masterpiece?


    Can we float from it? Isn't that the way we should feel? When it trickles upside your spine like a shockwave in radical moans--when two separates become winding, two entwined heartbeats - BOLD - and hold their kisses in place for their shooting stars:




    It's how we know we're alive.


    It's How We Know We're Here.





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