• No-No's In Relationships or The With I Will Not Put Up!

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  • No-No's In Relationships or The With I Will Not Put Up!
  • Posted by: Lalanii, March 16, 2011
  • Yes sometimes I laugh when I'm crying, but never when your jokes aren't funny, and most times I'll call it like I see it, but I won't see it from your perspective so that could potentially hurt your feelings and I can dish it out but I don't prefer my own medicine, but who likes medicine?

    And my opinion still matters even when I've given too much of it.

    I believe in respecting a person. One can always pinpoint the moment in a conversation where the respect level has dropped. When instead of sharing his or her ideas one is sharing disgust.

    There are a few things I won't put up with in relationships. I know this because I've experienced them first hand:

    a. Jealousy: I am a friendly person- by friendly I mean I know lots of people, I know the old lady that sits across from me in the coffee shop on most mornings, I know the waiter at my two favorite restaurants on first name basis (it's what name tags are for), I buy cotton candy for the kids regularly, I put money in stranger's expired meters allllll of the time, I am still ok with all of my ex boyfriends and consider myself on a 'no news is good news' base with them - and guys who've courted me - I keep in touch regularly regrardless if I'm interested in them or not.

    What my 'main squeeze' would need to understand is WHO I am, and I beleive it's all about believing a person to be who they say they are. If you don't believe in my truth, my faithfulness, or the fact that you and I can take over the globe - then why are you bothering with me?

    b. Fighting: I dated a man that believed that the more we fought the closer we were connected, and the more we argued the more I was showing him the love we had for each other, or rather the louder we got the deeper the feelings would wrap us. Horseraddishes I tell ya! That is a bit of Betty Crocker if I've ever heard some! (Foolishness) I am ok with differences in opinion to understand each other better, but why is it so many people are under the influence that screaming at each other and making the one you love cry and then making up with them is a happy ordeal? Me? The more often I fight, the more often I try to get to the bottom of why we disagree to avoid it as much as possible. With too much fighting I get numb, I turn off, I decide we aren't compatible anymore. It's like a sliding scale, too much bad = goodbye, too much good? We need to procreate. Lol.

    c. Repetitiveness: There is comfort in the usual, yes. But there is nothing like watching the same mistakes over and over that frustrates me beyond myself. It's like if not studying caused you to fail the last time, why is it that you aren't studying again unless you're dating the professor's daughter and he winked at you before the test? Or, if you understand speaking about a certain situation always causes uneasiness and discomfort, why would you bring it up unless you are trying to make me sleep on a pea? Repetitiveness goes along with movies; unless it is a favorite movie of mine like say Closer or Sweet November, we won't be watching re-runs, in life or on television.


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