• How To Accentuate Your ASSets, Stay Sexy & Overcome Insecurities

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  • How To Accentuate Your ASSets, Stay Sexy & Overcome Insecurities
  • Posted by: Lalanii, July 13, 2016
  • When you're in a position to be seen by a lot of people, you'll struggle with the same problem I'm having.

    What to put out on social media and what to blog about? What not to? Who is really looking? What are they going to think? Will they see you differently? 

    Trouble is, they will. They are going to judge you. People say whatever they want; oftentimes it isn't the nicest. Should it keep you from dancing, acting, singing, writing, dreaming... doing whatever you do? Not really, but it takes a tough heartbone not to feel a criticism. A brave person to say, 'hey who cares I love what I do I'm going to do it anyway.'

    Recently, I worked on a video. Apparently one of the video models didn't show up, and I was pitched with "Hey can you hang around in a string bathing suit in the background?"

    Sure, I coooooould, but in that environment, was it worth it for my brand? Not really. I'd love nothing more than to hop around in a bathing suit, but, the setup and conditions (not to mention the type of bathing suit) will all be chosen by moi. It'll be classy, fashionable, and cute. My terms. 

    My comfort first, entertainment second. 

    How To Accentuate Your ASSets

    What do people compliment you on? Your smile, your hair, your style? Focus on that. My sister said something funny to me the other day when I was halfway through a pack of licorice Nibs (if you know me, I have this weakness for these things) she's always building me up when I start to complain. She uses "sister" in a comedic way: 

    Sister: No, sister your thighs look GREAT [keep in mind I hate my f*ckin thighs]

    Me: Well, Ree, the picture just shows a lot of skin, and I don't wanna put it up because... 

    Sister: YOU ARE GREAT, your body looks great, your face looks great, and if the brand doesn't like it or the friends don't like it, it wasn't FOR YOU. 

    Me: But what if it like, looks bad, or something online, and then people see it, and then... 


    Right, if they don't like it, it wasn't meant for me. 


    Stay Sexy 

    I'm often having, A Day, on most days. I have to remind myself when I'm busy, and I feel like running around all day in my pajamas... that people are still looking, I'm still an impression. A lot of times what I'm wearing will illuminate how I feel about myself. Confidence isn't just everything. Confidence is all there is. Lately, even if I don't feel like it, I've been at least getting my nails and hair done regularly. Out of the norm for me. I walk around however until photoshoot day; then I get dolled up. But then I started to think, that means like 8% of my life I feel amazing, and the rest of the time I feel blah. No bueno. Lol. 


    Overcome Insecurities

    I've taken up running. No, like serious, stamina-building, (not just intervals) a few classes weekly. They're pushing me above my limits (my PR rate as they call it) and I've started to go crazy again with my fitness. Your clothes will fit better; your mind will be clearer, and you'll make decisions quicker--and better. Results immediate. 




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