• #Beauty: Confidence Is Fashion

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  • #Beauty: Confidence Is Fashion
  • Posted by: Lalanii, August 31, 2016
  • Every photo I take, I’m insecure about something in it.

    Isn’t that all of us? I’m sure the top models have things published, and they’re like 'my back could’ve been a little straighter there' or 'something went awry here.'

    Never fails, however, I wonder and I obsess about what imperfections someone (who doesn’t matter) is going to see and point out.

    Isn’t that the big fear of life? That someone is going to point out some part of us that isn’t finished yet, that is yuck; that’s broken from something we’ve gone through. Physical, mental, emotional, whatever.

    I was with my photographer the other day and without thinking, I was like,

    “Okay, but I don’t want them to be able to see that little vein I make when I smile too hard and I’m nervous!”

    [Yes, this does happen. Was it happening at that moment, no.]

    Her response?

    “No, that’s what you feel, no one can see that!”

    “O, okay!”

    Back to formation. Snap snap, the images are flawless, even with the imperfections, even before the proofs, but I do love the enhancements.

    Sometimes a shadow here or there, the lighting makes me orange, she fixes that.

    Sometimes I’m carrying on about my outfit; something fit too tight, something wasn’t hemmed correctly, something needed an extra button (where’s that bobby pin when you need it?) or whatever…

    But I will say, some of the best photographs I’ve gotten, have been in the middle of a shoot, when I’ve forgotten I’m taking pictures, and I’m just having fun with my friends trying to make vendors’ outfits look amazing… (often when I’m joking about being the best Brand Ambassador I can be!) right when I’m in the moment when we’ve already gotten a few money shots, and I have a few moments to goof off and grab a blanket and twirl around and say…


    And the photog is on the job and snaps the photo before I get uncomfortable and put my normal “save-face” back on.

    Confidence is what we all need. 

    When you’re doing what you love and the outcome is less important than the journey. When you have found what you love, and you’re hoping it takes a bit longer to kill you.*


    *Find what you love and let it kill you." - Bukowski

    Images By: Netanel Photography


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