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  • Creative: Wonder Lust/Bygone
  • Posted by: Lalanii, September 14, 2016
  • Bygone


    I wonder if you loved me.


    Under and inside?


    Wonder lust in pixie stixie’s dust


    on a unicorn flight whereby

    psychedelic butterflies tap dance

    the insides of my stomach muscles

    prettier than fashion mannequins

    and sometimes

    I wonder lust enough for the both of us…


    About your eyes

    Your eyes, and London

    And the sunrise they dream up.

    The way you blink them breathes new meaning into my reflection


    and it bypasses bad timing, acrylic-biting, and by the way…

    my watermelon and pineapple is cold-pressed to remind you

    my boughetto and bias makeshift a different color blue

    my wonders in the wind like lust in the friend zone


    And under and inside?


    and blasé blasé


    but you know bygones be…


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