• Feature: Badass Blogger, Well, Lifestyle Blogger in Los Angeles, CA

  • Feature: Badass Blogger, Well, Lifestyle Blogger in Los Angeles, CA
  • Posted by: Lalanii, April 7, 2017
  • TAKE NOTE: Badass Blogger from Los Angeles, CA features a badass cuff bracelet. Yes, fashion bloggers are here to stay. This inspirational fashion design inspired by Dr. Jenn's Inspirational Collection, is truly a beauty blogger, jewelry blogger, well, any blogger's dream... but especially this fashion blogger's favorite frikkin' piece! YES MAM!!!!

    Badass Bracelets

    I mean seriously, they have purpose. 

    This one? Oh, it means FUCK PERFECT. Or perfect fuck. Whichever you say. 

    Fuck Perfect Necklace

    Fuck Perfection!

    Dreams Start Here Necklace

    But seriously, in all honestly, these pieces are truly beautiful. 

    You can grab them here, all by Alisa Michelle. Why? Because she's just as beautiful as the pieces she creates. 

    *Available for features, product descriptions (product description writer), marketing (featuring your product), (blogger for hire) banner ads, etc. The above feature was not a sponsored post, although some work on my website has been sponsored. Thank you!


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