• My Entire Life... In One Sentence

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  • My Entire Life... In One Sentence
  • Posted by: Lalanii, April 8, 2017
  • Lifestyle blogger on from one journey of exhaustion and regret to the next. All I want is peace of mind and the perfect place to write in. All I want is to be loved, happy, and healthy. To love and be comfortable.

    I consider myself an overall good person, why is it this so hard?  

    Didn't Go As Planned... Lifestyle Blogger


    My share for today is a crystal rock necklace I had custom made for me yesterday. I now have in my&n...

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    Not typical. Knew me like a crochet heart. Like a butterfly unwinding. Sweetish-sour like a liar wi...

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    A champagne jello shot... and some happiness pills.  Basically, it doesn't truly exist, y...

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    TAKE NOTE: Badass Blogger from Los Angeles, CA features a badass cuff bracelet. Yes, fashion bloggers are...

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