• Rosebud Salve, A Gamechanger :v:

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  • Rosebud Salve, A Gamechanger :v:
  • Posted by: Lalanii, June 24, 2015
  • So this little tube. Stop the world. Is yummy and not too greasy and shiny and has a very light rose hue and is just fantabulous. Growing up, all I used to put on my lips was, petroleum jelly - so go figure I like it, that's the main ingredient in this tube of yay.

    Here's the thing though, when I look at the ingredients it lists: 

    1. PETROLATUM (we can guess this one, good job)

    2. COTTON SEED  OIL (ok, I'll get by, cool, some oil stuff, nice)


    WTF is that yo? 

    rosebud salve

    I want to know exactly what trade secret is being put on my flippin lips, like $#@$*%)! like, now!!! 

    Anywho, I'm in love. And for people who have a hard time with makeup like "I" truly; it's an easy go-to day-to-day. So I just need Mr. Smith an' 'nim to tell me what the trade secret is. I mean, it's obviously working, but how about I tell you guys a secret and you tell me what the fleek is on my lips? 





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