• I know I'm in Love With The Idea...

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  • I know I'm in Love With The Idea...
  • Posted by: Lalanii, August 7, 2015
  • But . . . I Would Marry You If You Were Real. Grinning happily and giggling. So here's my Dear Diary. I believe in time alone. The beauty in conversation. Pastels. Your laughter, mimosas and morning afters. Maybes turn to yesses - you know. I owe you to myself. I really mind my business, for you I peek. I've been telling myself I'm just not interested in your speechlessness.

    Also, I didn't get my coffee 'til late. Blame me. Blame me. It really is all my fault I'm stuck in my dreams. 

    Can't find anything else to make me feel better.

    Can't find any excuses not to know any better. I want to cancel moons for you. I'd like to write you into my happiness pattern, void my last relapse. And truly, truly, you're such a masterpiece I'd likely collapse before you got my panties off. 

    Don't try to fit me in. Don't.

    But I need you to know this:

    1. If you were real, I'd know how to call in a few favors for time.

    2. I'd know how to love with a clear mindset.

    3. I know how to jump your ropes, I'm in shape - I'm not tired. And the best part is... I Am You, so I know you are still-moving water. I know you can't feel anything and the bottom is out. I don't know how to make anything less than a mess, however, my best guess is.


    Because here is what you've been looking for/I'm just not ready for another five years. 


    Is the whole package. The deal. The idea.

    This is hello because. This is Hello Because. 

    I have been sitting here trying to figure out what this is. 

    Whenever you like is fine. Let's just call it bad timing. 

    Let's call the kettle purple and vomit on the your dining room floor.

    Whatever you like is alright. Yes, let's try a different mindset. 


    And I know I'm in love with the idea. But there’s no better idea.

    This is hello because. This is Hello Because. 

    I want my sunset for real.


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