• Beauty: Top 3 Rose Hacks & Mixed Flower Bouquet Ideas For Ya

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  • Beauty: Top 3 Rose Hacks & Mixed Flower Bouquet Ideas For Ya
  • Posted by: Lalanii, August 24, 2015
  • Ok so I'm a sucker. 

    I love flowers, even though they die just like everything else in life. Nothing says 'melt me' like a bouquet of fresh wild or muted pastel (swooooooon!) flowers. 

    Muted Pastel Flowers

    I remember one of the most heartfelt memories of my life was when I came home late and exhausted one night. As I opened the bedroom door, my feet slid into 12 dozen or more pastel rose petals that covered the carpet, doorway, bed, my racks of clothes, my puppy, it truly was the most exquisite sight to behold. That sucker missed his chance since I would've said yes to just about anything from that point. Anywho. 


    Here are some rose life hacks. Like for real. 


    1. Crunch them in books after spraying them with your fav perfume. Make sure it's a book you've already read since the oil will stain the book... when you open you'll get a stale version of that lovely scent and a sexy aesthetic of your prickly-stemmed memory. Careful, that may hurt, lol. 


    2. Decorate your desktop, or dining area. I have been known to sit flowers nicely next to a strawberry and melon with arugula salad, you know, just to impress and all. {winks} He WILL instantly think you cook better than you do, ladies, instantly. 

    Pink Rose Plate

    3. Add leftover dried rose petals to the bottom of your gym bag with one of those super smelly soaps that might be too strong to use on your body. The rose petals will absorb the soap smell and linger. Yay... free potpourri! Add his love note to the top of this little creation and voila ... I can't say he'll love you forever, but he's definitely gonna like you a lot. LOL. 


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