• Beauty: Pastel Faux Dreadlocks Best Fashion Hairstyle of 2015 🍭

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  • Beauty: Pastel Faux Dreadlocks Best Fashion Hairstyle of 2015 🍭
  • Posted by: Lalanii, December 16, 2015
  • This look took... all of the time in the world (approximately 10 hours - my natural hair is pretty thick) but it's super low maintenance and über cute!!!


    I wouldn't get in the steam room with them, but, working out and showering with a shower cap was totally fine. 


    Pastel Faux Dreadlocks - Lox Hairstyle


    They're made of gorgeous pastel unicorn yarn and they're burned at the tips. My hairstylist left less than one inch from the tips to where my natural hair ends so I had to be extra careful with cutting the tips to remove them. They wrap around my real hair, but that hair is braided in these twisty little twines (I made that up) with the same pastel yarn underneath the dreads ... and they, let me tell you, were quite gorgeous all on their own! 


    Faux Dreads - 2015 Best Hairstyle by a Beauty Blogger


    I guess I just LOVE color. Lol. It was definitely a fun look I'll do over and over again and again!


    Pastel Bubbles and Faux Lock Hairstyle - Beauty Blogger Lalanii Rochelle


    So many stares and lots of conversation! 


    Pastel dreads modeled on beauty blogger Lalanii Rochelle


    Special thanks to my love Sasha for being so patient with my crazy ideas! 


    I was rockin' my lox. 


    I'm nothing without my team, hire them: 

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