• #Food: Fat Girl Diaries - @TheRoseVenice Kale 'Tequila' Mary

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  • #Food: Fat Girl Diaries - @TheRoseVenice Kale 'Tequila' Mary
  • Posted by: Lalanii, March 9, 2016
  • Scoping specialty drinks for my website re-launch mixer and came across these spectaculus libations. 

    There was a Kale 'Tequila' Mary instead of a 'Bloody Mary' and a coconut and egg white elixir the bartender and I have coined "The Lalanii." His team just may be in attendance. 

    Cali Flower At the Rose Cafe Venice, CA

    And the "Cali-Flower" was just yum. Not sure if they need my copywriter services or not, but I thought this was actually cute. Cauliflower is delicious when spruced and spiced up. One of my fav veggies, actually. 

    Roasted Broccolini Rose Cafe was the best! Foodie #foodblogger Lalanii Rochelle

    The mimosa I had was a bit bitter for my tastes (probably freshly made) ... so the bar artist happily made me what we now know as "The Lalanii." (see coconut drink with green straws below)

    Brocollini & Cauliflower Rose Cafe Venice

    Simple. Beautiful. Yummy. 

    Lalanii Rochelle Food Blogger #Foodie LA's Best Food & Restaurant Blogger Hire Me Now

    I was completely impressed. I'm not generally a fan of a cocktail made with raw egg whites, but it was executed so beautifully, so tasty. They're truly masters of their craft. 

    You'll see these specialty cocktails at my launch for sure. 

    Visit The Rose Cafe because chef Jason Neroni will rock your tastebuds. 


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