• Top 5 Apps I Can't Live Without, Like I Might Die

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  • Top 5 Apps I Can't Live Without, Like I Might Die
  • Posted by: Lalanii, November 16, 2014
  • Seriously life-bettering phone applications. I know I shouldn't have, you’re welcome. 

    1. Up Band ~ Think this: exercise, sleep, eat. Move it to yer leg if you like spin classes or run/jump, at least that’s what I do with the previous version Up24. Cons: I pre-ordered the Jawbone Up3 Band that apparently has a built-in heart rate monitor and that poor thing still hasn’t shown up, 4 months later, early release in 2015? You lie Up3. You liars. Lol. I want a better story. I want my built-in heart rate monitor bracelet now. 

    2. Spotify ~ Which is not to be replaced by Spinrilla or Google Music. They’re all for different things. Consistently keeps my workouts happy-go-uppity and my days comfy. Cons: Mixed tapes missing, all underground goodies not there. 

    3. Fooducate ~ All up in Sprouts or Trader Joes and think you know what you’re buying? Neh, not so much. That cereal got a D++. Lol. Buy yummies that are actually yummy for you, scan the bar code on the back of the item to see its rating. Think you know, you def don’t know. Cons: A significant amount of items have no rating - yet, and you have to snap a pic of the nutrition facts. Why you no rating, Fooooood?

    4. Lumosity ~ Colorful cacophony of concentration. Cons: My damn attention span. Other than that, the beauty of your mind meandering. 

    5. Shazam ~ Passerby music, press the circle and let err rip, the app tells you the song playing and listens pretty well. Cons: It can’t hear everything. I want it to hear every single song. It does bad with mixes from DJs. Duh. 


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