• #Events: EZ Way Broadcasting Presents A #Music Showcase in Beverly Hills, CA

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  • #Events: EZ Way Broadcasting Presents A #Music Showcase in Beverly Hills, CA
  • Posted by: Lalanii, April 13, 2016
  • On March 26th some of the music industry’s most talented young performers gathered in Beverly Hills, CA for a lively show full of dancing and singing, coupled with an inspirational panel discussion how each young artist got where they are now.

    Among the performers were Mary Desmond (of American Idol), Shevyn Roberts (opened for Justin Bieber), Laci Kay (Modern Family) and Evan Disney (professional magician), Allen Ramos Diversity Fuzion Dancers, Faithy J, Lili Lev, and interviews by Samantha Diane Schultze (as seen on The Doctors) amongst many vendors and affiliates.

    Showgoers gathered at The House of Music and Entertainment for a splendid evening of food, drinks, talent, and eclectic vendors!

    I grabbed myself a glass, as did my creative manager.

    EZ Way Showcase Drinks at HOME in Beverly Hills, CA

    And then we sat down to our lovely evening, careful to snap images, and surely grace the red carpet – even if for only a bit!

    EZ Way's Music Showcase Food at H.O.M.E Beverly Hills, CA

    Among my favorite vendors were the fudge gals, from Pike and Sons.

    Could you believe they wouldn’t give me another piece? Haha! Just kidding… they were sweet as ever and offered up as much as I could handle. I had to walk away fast. Ha! I don't generally like fudge, but THIS FUDGE was delish!

    Pike and Sons Fudge Gals

    And, yes, the fudge was imprinted with EZ Way Broadcasting! LOVE.

    EZ Way Fudge by Pike & Sons

    I actually got on the pink hoverboard by Alie Express… I searched and searched, but somehow this image was lost forever! Thank goodness!

    But... in their defense they're bluetooth capable hoverboards. 

    Alie Express Hoverboards EZ Way Music Showcase

    Good thing the Hover guys didn’t send that image, I likely looked a mess! I would have never lived it down.

    The panel was enlightening and the music rang out. Lots of dancing and lively entertainers making waves on the stage!

    It was wonderful.

    What I loved most about this event was the excitement.

    I got an overall feel that all of the young performers were going to make their names known – most had already.

    Lalanii and Talent at EZ Way Broadcatsting Music Event

    We smiled for the cameras.

    EZ Way Broadcasting Lalanii Rochelle

    The place was packed!

    EZ Way Studios HOME Beverly Hills, CA Musci Showcase

    The red carpet was hot.

    Rob Delgadillo EZ Way Broadcasting Red Carpet

    We made a few faces courtesy of Rob Delgadillo who captures an incredible in-the-moment shot. 

    Rob Delgadillo EZ Way Broadcasting

    See? I told you! Perfect shot. To see more images of the event search his feed and hire him, here. 

    O, and I did a few interviews…

    Lalanii Rochelle Interview

    And this guy was so sweet, he said I was so gorgeous he had to hop on the other side of the camera! 

    Lalanii Rochelle and Press doing an Interview

    And we hugged and chatted. Success!!!

    Lalanii Rochelle and Eric Zuley

    O, and did I mention... Happy Birthday Eric Zuley!!



    Credits: The event was produced by WEI @BeManMade of @InHows and eZWay Broadcasting

    My outfit was styled by: @deannadupree and designed by: @casonnag 

    eZWay's affiliates and partners: BrightLife Music, Thump Records, Brodemhiemer Industries, Bungulo Universal, TVI Records, Sony, Capital, Sheena Marie via Skylifemedia and many more. 

    With additional thanks to:

    @ericzuley @KahnRosalyn @ActorsReporter @PepperJayProds EZwaybroadcasting #Celebrity #RedCarpet For Eric Zuley and Jose Beltran. Red Carpet hosts and stage performers included Laci Kay and Faith Jefferies. Special appearances by: Judge Joe Brown, Choreographer Shane Sparks (ABDC Judge/Master P Show), Michael Zanetis (Executive Producer BB KING Film), Mary Desmond (American Idol), Shevyn Roberts (Opened for Justin Bieber), Laci Kay (Modern Family), Vincent M. Ward (Walking Dead), Trae Ireland (Actor), Patrick Faucette (Own Tyler Perry The Have and the have nots), Reatha Grey (Betty Whites Off Their Rockers), Ken Davitian (Borat), Kaye-Cee Austin (Founder TeenTrep.Co), Faith Jefferies  (CEO TeenTrep.Co), Kate Linder (Hollywood Walk Of Fame), and David Eugene Andrews (Author of The English Slave), Jay Pugh (RK Records), Rosalyn Kahn (author and TedX Speaker) Penny Lambright (founder Patriots and Paws), Tori Vild (Actress), Ewart Chin (Actor), Munni Irone (Founder A4PAwards) Carmelita Pittman (Performance president family), Carpet coverage by Actors Reporter and produced by Pepper Jay Productions. Glenn Lee Dicus on camera, Borderline Studios, WTV Networks, Weekly Billboard Magazine and many others. 

    If you want to contact any of the performers, info is here:

    Evan Disney Professional Magician Twitter: @EvanDisney Facebook: facebook.com/EvanDisney 

    Mary Desmond (American Idol) Twitter: @Desmond_Mary Facebook: facebook.com/marydesmondonline

    Shevyn Roberts (Opened for Justin Bieber) Twitter: @ShevynR Facebook: facebook.com/Shevyn-Roberts-Music-250300711653769 

    Laci Kay (Modern Family) Twitter: @lacikayofficial Facebook: facebook.com/LaciKayOfficial

    FaithyJ Twitter: @faithyj143 Facebook: facebook.com/FaithyJ.official

    Lili Lev Twitter: @LiLianLevPage Facebook: facebook.com/LlLimiami

    Allen Ramos Diversity Fuzion Twitter: @allenramos25 Facebook: facebook.com/aramos2013 

    Samantha Diane Schultze (as seen on The Doctors) Facebook: facebook.com/fs478400894 

    Executive Producers: Eric Zuley Twitter: @ericzuley4real Facebook: facebook.com/ezwaybroadcasting

    Jose Beltran Twitter: @wps_events Facebook: www.facebook.com/WPSevents

    Walter "WEI" E. Ingalls Twitter: @BeManMade Facebook: facebook.com/WEIofficial


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