• #Lifestyle: 25 Random Personal Things About Me Not Very Many People Know (Now They Will)

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  • #Lifestyle: 25 Random Personal Things About Me Not Very Many People Know (Now They Will)
  • Posted by: Lalanii, September 2, 2016
  • 1. My top three movies (old) are Closer, Kites, Sweet November, and (newer) Gone Girl. Shows are: Scandal, Empire (newer), Greys of Anatomy (older seasons with Jeffrey Dean Morgan and McSteam/Dreams), Weeds, and Big Love. Don’t talk to me if you can’t heavily discuss these, you are not worthy! No, really, I am serious. You don’t know me at all.

    2. Tetris is my favorite game in this world! [Nerd it up much?] But growing up I also played Legends of Kyrandia, Prince of Persia, Kirby, Sonic, and I have been known to pull all nighters with The Sims. Expansion packs were life!!!

    3. My favorite place in this world I haven’t found yet. My life goal is to travel and write. I need a GoFundMe account, stat.

    4. My second toe is longer than my first. I think that means I’m bossy, but I could be wrong.

    5. Fruits that give me life are: peaches, mangoes, watermelons, honeydew, pineapples. Veggies: Green peas, spinach, squash (with onions oh yes!) broccoli, cucumbers, does pico de gallo count? Lolz.

    6. I make the best egg white omelettes and have perfected the craft to include occasional cranberries, spices and various sweet garnishes that very few people in this world ever know or will. ;-)

    7. I got straight A’s and failed PE in high school because I was not about to mess up my hair. I was not about that sweat life. Today I run, spin, and interval train with a trainer. Sucks to grow up.

    8. I was captain of the debate team as well. Something in me about getting my point across, several times. Here comes the creative consultant, please shut her up.

    9. I can do two different types of spins on ice skates, but mostly, I just got the classes as a child because I wanted to wear a bodysuit with a skirt. (Don’t tell my mom!)

    10. I  have a 3.8 lb puppy named Notebook. No, she is not named after the movie, (I do love Ryan Gosling more than freeing baby whales, though). My girl is so sweet she looks like a cross between a bunny and a bear and she was named to be my white noise to accompany me while I write. The truth is, she is the noisiest most perfect distraction and she is definitely my ‘happy.’

    11. My favorite smell is lavender, eucalyptus mint [relaxation!] and walking into the Equinox Spa Gym. I get zen just thinking about it.

    12. The most embarrassing thing that has ever happened to me has to be when I was doing a group workout once and right in the middle of scissor abs I passed gas! I swear a stun gun would have been less painful!!!

    13. My nickname as a child was Twiggy because I was so petite. I do not prefer that name because it reminds me of times when I was less assertive and had a weaker mindset, I was bullied growing up and I told no one.

    14. As a teenager I looked up to my big sister more than anyone in the world. I thought she was Lauryn Hill. She is not, lol, but she is just as beautiful inside and out.

    15. One goal I have is to have the patience to grow something in a home garden. Every single plant that comes in contact with the windowsill in my home dies a forgetful death. :-(

    16. My favorite colors are pastels. Salmon, pale turquoise, light yellow, you get it.

    17. Growing up, my mother was a stay at home Mom but I still had a live-in maid named Maria who chased me around the house with a broom and one tooth in the front of her mouth. To this day I still miss that crazy woman.

    18. My mom was a Bullshit (ad-lib) Artist for a living. I used to watch her flirt, fancy-up, and talk mad sh*t to so many people daily. There’s a good chance I get it honestly. Dad was a graphic artist… he could also pen the most interesting and silly looking cartoons on a page in minutes. Before he owned his own business he worked for Disney. He was also a chef as a teen. Mom was an escrow officer before she was a stay-at-home. She can cook any southern food better than anyone I have ever met in this life.

    19. My favorite meal is Asian fusion (prawns *aka big *SS shrimp with like, a cali roll and some teriyaki) and Pho. I could eat either of those meals on a daily. Such a foodie. Come to think of it, I’m hungry right now.

    20. My dad is hawaiian with white and black, but I have no idea how it mixes up. Case in point: a year ago he showed me a picture of a gorgeous white woman I’d never met with the most beautiful long hair. Apparently that woman was my grandmother. My family and I still don’t know exactly how old my Dad is and/or the exact number of sisters and/or brothers I have. This is ok, it keeps things interesting.

    21. My mom has to be the sassiest black chick I know and she is from Baton Rouge Louisiana. When I get excited I sound like a Southern Valley girl because I somehow inherited her accent even though I’ve never been to the South (not even once!) and I was born and raised in Downtown Culver City, my mix is crazy.

    22. My go-to cocktail at a bar is peach Ciroc with club soda and a splash of pineapple. Apparently they have a mango Ciroc now?

    23. My must-have products are a sunscreen by Clinique and a rose lipgloss called Brambleberry, the tub not the pot. I can’t survive without those.

    24. Green tea matcha latte with coconut milk, 2 pumps sweet and a cheese danish if I’ve worked out 4 times this week, thanks.

    25. The most expensive gift(s) I’ve ever been given were: a diamond ring (update: I later traded it for a Nikon, lol), a trip to Miami, and a penthouse apartment with a heated floor and a breathtaking view —and I was the loneliest I’ve ever been in my life. The best gift I’ve ever received was a new Mini Cooper when my car went to sh*t, and it made me the happiest I’ve ever been in my life. It’s not the gift, it’s the person. It’s not the ‘thing,’ it’s the experience.

    Thanks Lauren Conrad for this challenge!


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