• Creativity: Decorate Your Home ~ In Pastels (Pottery Barn Teen)

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  • Creativity: Decorate Your Home ~ In Pastels (Pottery Barn Teen)
  • Posted by: Lalanii, October 27, 2016
  • Favorite place to decorate and re-design ever ever?

    PB Teen!

    Pottery Barn Teen is the best place. But there's canopy beds (my all time fav), and bookshelves and shelving for all your nooks.

    Pottery Barn Teen Rotating Bookcase

    I know, I know, I'm not a teen, but how adorsb is this swivel bookcase? I've been wanting it forever.

    Anyway, there are so many amazing hidden gems in Los Angeles but one of my top favorites is The Melrose Trading Post. It opens from 10 a.m. - 5 p.m. every single Sunday. It's the place to be, has countless vendors to choose from, and is beyond underrated. There are so many cute finds to bring your home interior to life and to give you that fly home makeover you always wanted. They have everything from throw blankets, custom sewn pillows, vintage or custom framed mirrors, picnic chairs, uniquely hand made home furniture, rugs, bookshelves, and more. 

    After you roll through Melrose, another chic place to find cute knick knacks is Pier 1 Imports. They have such a variety of things that can help bring color into your place so.

    Then follow the yellow brick road on over to Z Gallerie where everything is metallic and shining like the land of Oz. I can’t think of a better place to find that classy accent to any home. You can’t go wrong in here but just make sure you mix things up!

    Last two places that tie all this crazy madness together and always has 20% off sales are West Elm and Pottery Barn.

    Take photos for me and let me know some thrift places that you love too in the comments below! 

    O, and coffee, don't forget the coffee. Keurig has the cutest colors this season... yes.


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