• #Lifestyle: My Fav Suvs & Cute Girly Cars

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  • #Lifestyle: My Fav Suvs & Cute Girly Cars
  • Posted by: Lalanii, July 18, 2016
  • Everyone who knows me knows I need a new car by now. I'm riding so dirty. Like, rough on my wheels. Help me. 

    Anyway I compiled a list of my favorite cutesy ones. I'd prefer the most incredibly cute girl color... but I guess, my second option is white if I have to act like a grownup. 

    1. Tiguan

    2. GLC Suv Benz 

    3. Mini Cooper 

    But I mean if Zac Efron can rock this light pink tho, I got this. 

    Zac Efron Pink Mini Cooper

    What do you think? 


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