• Trump & Melania - This Speechwriter Hilarity

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  • Trump & Melania - This Speechwriter Hilarity
  • Posted by: Lalanii, July 20, 2016
  • I don’t speak on politics. Religion, ok, rarely. But, this, this is hilarious.

    In the wind is that Trump’s wife gave a speech she claims to have written and it is almost word for word the same speech as Michelle Obama’s previous speech cue 2008. Well, ok…  are we really surprised? Politics is puppeteering mostly. Everyone gets that. It's an engineered race of the most impressive, when we are all imperfect. I respect rules, timelines, goals... but politics and corporate America is a sh*tfest.

    I wanna say “bad speech writer, bad-bad,” but a stunt like this is just too awesome to be a mistake. Because it’s more of an indirect fail for Trump’s team, it’s safe enough to keep people talking, questioning, and then eventually blow them away with the next drama.

    Precisely why the poor gal (Meredith) tried to resign afterward and her request was denied. Trap, I’m sorry, Trump says it was still good publicity. Crafty, he is. Meredith McIver, girl, you've shown out something-terrific! There has to be a second where she watches the split screen of Melania and Michelle, with Mel making an absolute 'hot mess of helplessness' on that podium brave and stupidizing herself. She has to tickle inside. I imagine Mer has a glass of cabernet in her hand maybe? I know I would. This is my kind of humor! Also, congrats Mer you're #1 trending on Twitter 47.5K tweets! They didn't plan this? You sure?

    As a lifestyle blogger, writer (and copywriter), my clients expect perfection. They expect less than three drafts; they expect twelve hour days and that they come before my family, working out, and any other clients I may have. It’s the most exhausting and somehow the most rewarding profession. People have to read my personal blog to find out I’m a real person instead of a typekit machine. And heaven falls down around us all if there’s a typo anywhere.

    If this gal can plagiarize in a presidential election and keep her damn job getting nothing less than cool points and more billionaire noise… I swear I just don’t know. I haven’t slept in days on deadlines lately. I bought a necklace that says “Fuck Perfect,” I rewrite sentences in my sleep. Maybe I should have gone into speechwriting. All his forgiven, all is ok.


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